As part of the orchestra;s community and educational outreach program INVITATION TO PLAY, student string players between the ages of 10-17 were invited to participate in the FINAL 4 competitive auditions to select the Guest Artists to be presented during the orchestra's annual concert series, "Music with the Classic Touch." THERE IS NO PARTICIPATION FEE

Students participating in the FINAL 4 had to be recommended by their music teacher, school Music Specialist or Orchestra Director who would then work with the student to prepare the music they would perform at the auditions.

Each student memorized one piece of music from the standard string repertoire of no more than 7 mins. for the audition and provided their own accompanist if needed.

A judges panel headed by Maestro Fernandez selected the four (4) most outstanding student musicians to be presented as Guest Artists. The four award winners would receive a FINAL 4 scholarship award for music achievement donated by the orchestra's Citizen Advisors. Additionally, Honorable Mention awards would be presented to all participants in the FINAL 4, 

The FINAL 4 winners were announced and awards presented at the annual holiday concert in December.

​Each of the FINAL 4 participants would participate in ORQUESTA FUTURA and the FINAL 4 winners would perform as Assistants to the Concertmaster and Principals of the orchestra. ORQUESTA FUTURA which recognizes the musicians of the future and presents them in-concert with the orchestra at the March concert.
See ORQUESTA FUTURA for more information.



​and the 2014 winners HAPPENINGS!!

Winners for 2015 will be updated ASAP...

   2013 FINAL 4 AWARDS