The Nevada Chamber Symphony

Founded in 1985 by Rodolfo Fernandez,Conductor and Music Director, the Nevada Chamber Symphony was established as a non-profit association in the state of Nevada in 1994, and was

awarded  501(c)(3) by the IRS.  The NCS was governed by a volunteer board of local citizens and musicians.

Uner the baton of Maestro Fernandez, the orchestra made its national debut at Moscone Center in San Francisco in June of 1986 as Ambassadors of Culture for the City of Las Vegas as appointed by Mayor, Bill Briar.

As an association, the orchestra presented MUSIC WITH THE CLASSIC TOUCH, a free concert series of professionally performed 'live' music and developed  extensive educational and community outreach programs which brought its services and artistic resources to cities throughout Southern Nevada. 

The Nevada Chamber Symphony was a fully professional orchestra of 20 - 40 musicians from string orchestra to full orchestra. The scope of the orchedtra's classical repertoire featured music from the 17th, 18th and 19th century including the work of contemporary composers in Nevada, Utah and California. The popular repertoire featured music from radio, stage and screen, holiday, traditional and patriotic favorites. Customarrangments and orchestrations by Maestro Fernandex expanded the repertoire to include an extensive body of work specifically designed to facilitate and support the orchestra's educational outreach programs and provided opportunities to showcase the various ensembles within the orchestra including the Serenate Violoncello Trio, the NCS String Trio and Quartet.Since its incorporation, the Nevada Chamber Symphony developed an exciting and diverse program of educational and community outreach which brought our services to local schools, young musicians, and non-traditional audiences across the Valley. These activities, and the free concert series, addressed the primary goals of its Mission: to provide the greatest possible access to quality live music performance, and to encourage and support the growth and development of music and musicianship in our community. Please check out the following pages for details about our youth outreach programs: FINAL 4+1, ORQUESTA FUTURA and EDUCATION PARTNERS and INVITATION TO PLAY.

The Nevada Chamber Symphony has been an integral part of the cultural resources enjoyed by the citizens of the Las Vegas Valley for 31 years. Under the direction of Maestro Fernandez the Nevada Chamber Symphony, with its group of local professional musicians, provided A TOUCH OF CLASS whenever and whererever it performed.

The NCS was the only orchestra of its kind in Southern Nevada and was recognized as one of the premiere small orchestras in the Southwest.. Its music welcomed the Olympic torch bearer as he came through Las Vegas on the way to the Olympic Games in Los Angeles, entertained 5000 visitors and citizens at the opening celebrations of the Fremont Street Experience and the 100 year anniversary of the famous Golden Gate Casino . The NCS performed at the openings of the major new performance venues in the Valley including the Clark County Government Amphitheater, the Starbright Theater in Sun City Summerlin and the Henderson Liberty Point Pavilion in Green Valley. Sponsored by the America Nevada and Del Webb Corporations, the Nevada Chamber Symphony welcomed new residents at the opening celebrations of the beautiful new communities of Green Valley, Anthem Country Club, Seven Hills, Summerlin and Sun City.

The Board, under the leadership of Chairman Margaret Trasatti and Music Director and Conductor Maestro Fernandez, with the assistance of the members of the orchestra and citizen volunteers provided essential organizational support.

Citizen Advisors working with the NCS Board donated their expertise and guidance, and assisted in the development of programs which addressed the diversity of the interests and needs of our service population with an emphasis on activities which would enrich our educational and music communities. An essential component of the service program provided a public showcase for local musicians, composers, music ensembles and talented young musicians who were featured as guest artists.and soloists each season.

The citizens of the Las Vegas Valley provided primary financial support of the Nevada Chamber Symphony  which was augmented by corporate donations, city, state and national grants. Their investment supported a valuable community  asset and enriched the cultural resources for the citizens of Southern Nevada for more than three decades.

                                       Our most sincere thanks

          to all of those who helped us in realizing the dream of the NCS.